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7 Poker Rules that You Should Always Keep in Mind


Poker allows players to constantly interact and strategize in order to win the pot prize on the table. Every player has their own betting style, strategizing, which also sets them apart as professionals, intermediates, and rookies. However, every poker player has some common ground rules that are not usually discussed before a match. Not knowing the rule may save you from embarrassment once, but it is better that you learn these rules beforehand to lead a healthy game.

Angle shoot

Angle shoot is a practice where players take advantage of less experienced players in many ways. They peek into other’s cards, act out of turn, hide high-value chips, lie about their hand, saying “raise” when “calling,” etc. All these tricks are called angle shooting and are not appreciated even a bit. Do not be that player.


Slow roll

Avoid making your card folding, raising, and calling experience a dramatic scene. When it is a showdown, you can just reveal your cards without any slow roll drama. Others will appreciate you play like a normal player than a Hollywood actor waiting for the suspense to end.

Wasting time

Another thing that you cannot do is waste the time of others. Slow rolling is one thing, but if you want to keep others waiting because you are busy on a call or talking to a waitress, you will face a problematic time. Value the time of others and yours. Know your turn and act when you have a decision to make.


Calling the clock

Every player has the right to call the clock if the other player is taking a lot of time. However, you cannot abuse this rule on others. Let them take their time when there are high stakes at the table. You can call the clock when an opponent is a too much time to make their move.

Pay attention

Paying attention to the game at all times will help you avoid acting out of turn. Know when it is your time to bet. Avoid using earphones if you are not able to listen to the dealer’s calls. If you are not paying attention, you will also miss out on important information, such as opponent behaviors.



Do not try to create unnecessary conversations when you are not playing. Chatting with other guys when a player is trying to concentrate may be your strategy but it is not healthy. Avoid giving your insights into the game and advising other players whether you are playing or folding.

Declaring the hand


Do not declare your hand unless all the players have used their chances. You may be tempted to reveal your hand, but it is better to keep this information with yourself for as long as possible. Even while folding, try not to give away the information to others unless you are feeling too generous to reveal your strategy.

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